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About Us


 Hi, I’m Sheri Schmal and I own Simply Perfect Schnauzers, a miniature schnauzer breeder in central Texas. 

  •  I raise all colors of miniature schnauzers but specialize in the liver/chocolate as well as traditional coated and mega coated. I like to have the WOW factor in my puppies!! 
  • I pride myself on how I raise my puppies and their health. All parents are genetically health tested to be free from genetic disorders and I plan out all breeding’s with the results of these tests. 
  • Puppies are raised in my home using the puppy culture method. We start the early neurologic stimulation at just 3 days old. Raising the puppies with the puppy culture method really helps the puppies grow up to be well socialized and an overall well-mannered dog. 
  •  I start all the pups on the crate/potty training as well as some basic obedience. I am a retired veterinary technician and currently I am a professional groomer, so puppies are great grooming citizens and will be going home with a fresh schnauzer haircut! 
  • All my dogs and puppies are fed a high quality all-natural holistic dog food made only with human grade ingredients. I require all pups to be on this food for at least one year. I am a firm believer in a great high quality dog food will give your dog the best health and longevity. 
  •  I have been breeding and raising dogs for over 20 years and the mini schnauzer has my heart. I love the loyalty and the fearlessness of the mini schnauzer. 
 I breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the trade, which makes me your go-to schnauzer breeder to find your forever four-legged companion. 

I want my potential buyers to feel as comfortable as possible when purchasing their new family member from me. I offer open houses so you can meet all the dogs and puppies, I’m available to answer and all questions about my puppies and this awesome breed of dog! I stand behind my puppies for their entire life. I strive to go above and beyond for my 

Simply Perfect Schnauzer families!!

​Philippians 4:13

 “I can do ALL things thru Christ who Strengthens me!” 

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