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The many colors of the Miniature Schnauzer Rainbow!!

Salt n Pepper, Liver, Black n Silver, Liver Pepper, White Chocolate, Liver Merle, 

Blue Merle, Liver n Tan, Platinum Silver, Black, White, Wheaton, and Parti

Here at Simply Perfect Schnauzers we strive to pups with the WOW factor and love the unique colors! We have a White Chocolate female, a Liver female, and coming soon a blue Merle female, and Finn Our stud is a liver pepper with blue eyes, I do use outside studs occasionally to get a variety of colors!!

Some of these colors are considered "rare" and I think this has made the miniature schnauzer breed that much more exciting!

AKC colors are:

Salt n Pepper, Black, Black n Silver, Liver, Liver Pepper, 

Liver n Tan, Wheaton, Parti and White

Merles are not AKC recognized yet.

Merles will be registered thru a separate Registry

Some examples below!

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