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Our Stud

AKC/CKC SS May the Odds Be Ever N Ur Favor



Finn is the definition of a mini schnauzer his love is fierce and he is an excellent watch dog! He is extremely athletic and loves a good run! He is a Liver Pepper with one blue eye and one half blue eye. He weighs 11lbs and stands 13" tall.

rip 2.jpg

CKC SPS Take Em to the Train Station 


Rip has the sweetest personality! He is an extreme snuggle bug! He is a deep rich black with a small white spot on one paw and a little white chest spot. He currently weighs 6lbs. Currently weighs 7lbs!


CKC SPS Sheza Ride or Die Gal


Harley is a home raised girl. She is incredibly smart and athletic. She is devoted to her family and loves road trips! She has the most gorgeous amber eyes that just look deep into your soul! She is an excellent mom. She weighs 11lbs and stand 14" tall

Planned Winter 2023/Spring 2024.  Wait list open


AKC/CKC SPS Sweet Choco Latte


Freya is a gorgeous solid liver with a super bouncy personality. She has a super soft mega coat and at times looks like a little teddy bear! She adores snuggle time. She weighs 9lbs and stands 12" tall. Next planned litter will be Winter/Spring 23/24! Wait list now open!




CKC SPS When Rivers Collide


 She has a dreamy soft mega coat and two blue eyes! She loves a good tummy scratch and a good game of ball.  Currently weighs 8lbs.

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